Super Power Beat Down Anyone?

We can always rely on lead designer, Adam McCauley to keep us in the loop in the sci-fi fantasy world. It's no surprise we found him gearing up for some Marvel jersey designs this week by watching this YouTube series pitting one hero/villain against another in hypothetical battles. Here's the one with Wolverine fighting Wonder Woman: 

We ❤️ the concept, and it got us thinking about whether this may be a great way to take the Super Hero theme to the next level. We've done Star Wars Nights in which the home team wore our R2-D2 jerseys and the visitors wore our Stormtrooper jerseys. We've also done cartoon pairs for Nickelodeon Nights. One team wears the Ren jersey design, for instance, and the other dons Stimpy:  

This Super Power Beat Down thing could be fun spin on this. You wear one Marvel super hero, your foe wears another. Maybe you could do like the YouTube series and survey the crowd to see which character they think would win, updating results on the video board as the game goes along. Heck, given that the above Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine video has gotten more than 3 million views so far, you may want to think about bringing this outfit on board, too. They do have a contact us page. 

In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes open for more good ideas to make your events fresh and new for your fans. Adam is already surfing YouTube again as we speak ...