Custom Baseball Jersey Trends, Part 2 of 5

The Evolution of Local


The main route this trend has taken over the last couple of years has been food, proving that a way to a fan’s heart is indeed through his or her stomach. The Fresno Grizzlies took on their alter ego “Tacos” every Tuesday and, of course, for the Taco Truck Throwdown. Scranton-Wilkes Barre became the Pierogies on Aug. 28 to help celebrate its Jewish Food Festival. Both Lakewood (7/2) and San Jose (8/19) did Luau Nights that were food driven.

The Stockton Ports sported a sweet asparagus jersey early in the season to celebrate that town’s prominence in asparagus cultivation. Worst job ever for that night? Bathroom clean-up. Asparagus enthusiasts and the people who share the same bathroom know what I’m talking about.

Bottom line? The food thing still works. This is America. We love to eat. Find an untapped local specialty food angle and run with it. Since I live in North Carolina, I’m just going to say it. Eastern vs. Western Barbecue Night! It can be our Taco Truck Throwdown, Grasshoppers, Hickory Crawdads, Kannapolis (soon-to-be-former) Intimidators, Durham Bulls, Carolina Mudcats, Asheville Tourists, Charlotte Knights and/or Winston-Salem Dash. Can we please make that happen?

There’s something new on the local front, though, with a few notable non-food local statements. The Greensboro Grasshoppers hosted “Jeansboro” night on Aug. 20, saluting the city’s denim heritage pairing a handsome “Jeansboro”  jersey with hilarious faux denim baseball pants.  (They kind of looked like Mom jeans on the players. Ha!). Next year, we’re in if the Hoppers want to do the full Canadian tuxedo. The jersey? A matching faux denim sleeveless jean jacket. Call us.

I also thought the Fresno Grizzlies’ did a nice job taking advantage of a local newsman’s retirement. “Fresno Famous” Night included a jersey that looked like the newsman’s signature loud shirt.