Guerrilla Retailing: Using the Whole Venue to Sell

You are the envy of main street retailers everywhere. Fans paid to pass through the turnstiles and now you have three or so hours of people walking by the team store. A florist or furniture store or clothing boutique can only dream of that kind of foot traffic.

But just having plenty of passers by doesn't mean you'll ring up a lot of sales. Some of these fans will walk into the team store, of course, but even more of them won't. You have to go out there and get their attention. 

The whole ballpark is your oyster, Shucker Shop! Display your merch all over MGM Park!

The whole ballpark is your oyster, Shucker Shop! Display your merch all over MGM Park!

It begins by breaking free of the idea that the team store is that small room or kiosk you've been given to manage. The entire ballpark or arena is the store. There are selling opportunities all over the place. 

Look at those lines at concession stands, for instance. People are just standing there, waiting to order their hot dogs or peanuts or chicken fingers. As they wait, their eyes wander from their smart phones to the person in front of them to the guy in the next line over and back to their phones again. Give them something else to look at, like a sign placed over or beside the counter advertising a new jersey or a sale on T-shirts. 

Parents often loiter outside the restroom entrances, waiting for their kids to finish their business inside. Bingo. There's another chance to promote an item or two via strategically placed signage. I've been in more than a few bathrooms that have advertising on the walls above urinals. Yep, there's another opportunity. How about on the inside of bathroom stall doors? 

Think of other places you notice fans loitering. Near the venue entrances and exits?. Perhaps you can hang a shirt or jersey there so fans notice it as they wait to get in. I'm betting your venue has a popular watering hole. My non-scientific research shows that the more adult beverages fans consume, the more they want that new cap or souvenir polo shirt. 

My point is the concourse is just an extension of the team store. Use it to engage fans and make them realize that, yes, they really do want a cap or T-shirt or foam finger.