Guerilla Retailing: I'll Have What You're Wearing

I have a message to all front office employees of Minor League Baseball teams everywhere. I love your polo shirts. And I wish I could buy one in your team store. 

 Nice polo! Can I find one in the gift shop? 

Nice polo! Can I find one in the gift shop? 

This season alone, I need both hands (and a friend's) to count the number of times I saw a GM or fan services rep or in-game entertainer hustling around the stadium concourse in an awesome team-logo shirt. And I immediately went to the team store to find one, only to discover it wasn't there. 

And that made me think. In addition to all your many other responsibilities, front office members, you are models. Think about it. Everyone sees you at the ballpark. You're better dressed than the T-shirted, flip-flopped ticket-buying public, so that shirt you have on looks even snappier. 

Not wearing salable merchandise is a missed opportunity. Seize it! Please! Because I want your polo. And I'm guessing I'm not alone.