Reading the Room: How to pull off a crowd-pleasing Comedy Night!


Local comedy clubs, physicians (because laughter is the best medicine) and pretty much anyone else. Because seriously, who doesn’t love comedy, amiright?


  1. Open the gates early and create a stage area on the concourse or even at home plate where local comedians can do their sets

  2. Between innings, surf the crowd for jokes, let the PA announcer tell a few, and/or have the staff do the joke telling. If there’s a funny player, even better.

  3. Fans get to submit funny jokes to be read throughout the game, and the best one gets some sort of prize. (a replica jersey, perhaps?)


  1. Concept 1: The cheesy comedian, which begins with rainbow suspenders? Perhaps with a Hawaiian-print shirt as the background.  Maybe we add a fake, water-squirting flower on the lapel. Team logo could be on the other side. Think this jersey we did for the Grasshoppers last year, but goofier. 
  2. Concept 2: The comedy club scene, in which the jersey is a brick-wall pattern (complete with wall cracks. The club is a dive, after all.) A mic running up one side of the jersey with the team logo looking like those neon signs hanging on the wall.


Most, if not all the big comedians have their own Twitter feeds that they manage themselves. And they usually support their fellow comedians, particularly those starting out. Translation? Retweets! I’d reach out to Comedy Central. TBS, because it still bills itself as “Very Funny.”