Prom Night!

P R O M - 0 - R A M A !


Ah, prom. That sweaty, uncomfortable time capsule of a high school dance that gives us so many memories. Time only makes those memories more cringe worthy. You've got the molotov cocktail of hair, fashion and puberty going on, so let's see what we can do with it. 

a. The decor must be classic high school prom, preferably with a theme based on some gag-inducing love song. Here's a list to get you started. My fave? Phil Collins' "Groovy Kind of Love." Listening to that is like sucking on a lemon. My prom's theme was the pedestrian "A Night to Remember." Barf. Regardless, you want lots of pearlized balloons and streamers. And the playlist for timeouts and gaps between innings or periods should include all the prom power ballad classics. 

b. A little corner set up for couples photos is a must. Then you can do what a lot of museums and aquariums do now and hand fans a business card printed with a URL where they can go to see their shot. No paper + no printing = no extra costs. Encourage the classic Prom pose. Male behind female, with his hands placed awkwardly at her hips. You know. 

Oooo, wait. This would be good, too. 

c. Here's a chance for your concessions people to get into it. They can become prom night mixologists, coming up with a special prom punch to sell for that one night only. A little juice, a little soda -- no spiking, please. I hate to go all chaperone on you, but ...

d. There's a good chance for fan engagement, too. Spend the week leading up to the event soliciting old prom photos from fans and posting them on your Instagram, Tumblr and/or Pinterest pages. Anyone wearing full formalwear to the game gets in free. I mean, with all that effort, they should, right? 

e. You know that between-innings contest in which two contestants race to wiggle into a frozen T-shirt? How about one in which they race to shimmy into a satin prom dress? Poofy shoulders included. No strapless! Too easy. And I guess it needs to be a team event since someone needs to do the zip-up, right? 


We know how to do a formal look right, but for this you need to veer into bad taste territory. I'm thinking powder blue, definitely. Think of this jersey we did for the Grasshoppers last year, but in said blue and complete with coordinating cumberbun and tie. How about going full-on '70s with a ruffled lapel? 

We could also add a nice boutinier since this is a special occasion. Want to talk more about this whole concept? Drop us a line at