Cats as Cats Can: Keys to a Killer Cat Night

When it comes to special promotions at the arena or ballpark, cats get the shaft. We've all heard of "Bark at the Park," but "Purr at the Park (or Rink)"? Not so much. There'd be a looooot of missing cats after that event. You still can have fun with a feline-themed night, though ... 





  1. Cat adoption fairs on the concourse pre-, during and post-game

  2. Funniest cat video contest, in which entries are shown on the video board (entries could also be uploaded to the team site)

  3. Cat fashion contest, in which fans show off their craziest cat-themed apparel (naturally, you'd force  the interns to wear some embarrassing cat T, like the one above.)

  4. Between-innings cat-themed giveaways, from scratching posts and collars to treats and toys. 

  5. Cat sounds played throughout the game after good/bad plays. I suggest this one for errors

  6. Cat face painting booth for the kids? 

  7. Postgame screening of "Puss n' Boots"


Concept 1: It'd be pretty hard to beat an angry cat face on a jersey, like one of our most famous designs, the fierce chihuahua  we did for the El Paso Chihuahuas. Any cat face will do. I mean, they're ALL impassively furious, right? Purrrr-fect!




Concept 2: A calico or tabby pattern as the body of the jersey. Think of the camo jerseys we've done for teams like the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, then swap the camo for calico or tabby. There you go. We've perfected the art of making sublimated neons pop on our jerseys, so we could do your team name and/or logo in the neon of your choice to make it show up really well. 




Online, we should try to get Jackson Galaxy on board. Even a tweet from him would help give the event major mojo among cat people. On the ground, awareness building starts with getting counter space for signage at vet offices and pet food stores. Places where cat owners go. Perhaps getting players involved with a pet adoption fair could also help with awareness-building.