Custom Baseball Jersey Trends, Part 4 of 5

The Old College Try


Being based on Tobacco Road and near the border of SEC country, we understand the passion people have for college sports. When we began seeing more teams harnessing this passion as a theme night, it felt like an idea that was a long time coming.

We were at the Mahoning Valley Scrappers' Youngstown State night in July, with appearances by university luminaries such as athletic director Jim Tressel, wrap-around shades and all. Cedar Rapids sported a very Iowa Hawkeyes football-like jersey in August.

The Tacoma Rainiers avoided alienating fans by hosting both a Washington State Night and a University of Washington Night at Cheney Stadium. The Myrtle Beach Pelicans straddled the fence, too, with a South Carolina Night and a Clemson Night on their schedule. The Pelicans also did a great jersey salute to College World Series champion Coastal Carolina, based in nearby Conway.

Given the emotional hold college sports have on people, this is a theme that is staying in school for the foreseeable future. Cheerleader-inspired jerseys (Hey, colleges have guy cheerleaders, too!). Band jerseys with an appearance by the band. We can help with anything.