Custom Baseball Jersey Trends, Part 5 of 5

The Sweet Sound of Success?

We’ve been doing Jimmy Buffett Night jerseys for years now. It makes sense. Loyal following. Beach bum fashion. Songs about pub food, beer and leisure, which minor league baseball offers in spades. There’s also a tinge of nostalgia to Buffett’s music. Baby Boomers, his Parrothead base, probably got into him when they were jobless college kids (or just out of college and earning peanuts). Those were the days.

Nostalgia. As big as that concept has been in MiLB theme nights via TV shows and movies (Ghostbusters Night! Full House Night! Ren and Stimpy Night!) it has yet to show itself in music. And I would argue that music conjures more emotional nostalgia than any other form of pop culture. Think of all those one-hit wonders!

So when Myrtle Beach hosted Biz Markie for Hip Hop Night this past August, complete with a graffiti art jersey, I was like, “Yesssss!” Because think about it. Theme nights are already addressing Gen Xers and Yers towing their kids to games. All the 1990s Nickelodeon themes prove it. And look at Hollywood rebooting 90s staples like Ghostbusters, Full House and Gilmore Girls (I know, I know. That was early aughts. But it has the spirit of a 90s show). 

It was only a matter of time before creative teams came around to pop music. There’s soooo much untapped potential here. Google the Billboard charts for the 80s and 90s and I promise you there’s a good theme night somewhere on that list. Any of these would work: 

  • One Of Us [Joan Osborne]
  • Jump Around [House Of Pain]
  • Barely Breathing [Duncan Sheik]
  • Ice Ice Baby [Vanilla Ice]
  • Closing Time [Semisonic]
  • Tubthumping [Chumbawamba]
  • Macarena [Los Del Rio]
  • Rico Suave [Gerardo]

Whoever it is, I beg you to somehow incorporate big bangs and feathered hair, shoulder pads, parachute pants, the color teal and wayfarer sunglasses. Because I still have all those tucked away somewhere in my closet.